WoZhiTu /Using the world's Advanced image recognition and
search technology

We have created different image search and recognition engines based on the

specific needs of each industry. Increase Image

Recognition & Search Accuracy by Deep Machine Learning: The accumulation

of Deep learning among over 20 millions of image collections has allowed us

to have a deeper understanding of image contents, thus laid down a solid

foundation for image recognition and search accuracy. With distributed and

highly parallel design supported by multi-machine and multi-card hardware,

our technology team has delivered the leading high speed and large scale

image recognition and search system with great accuracy.

Hiwibang/SaaS Technology Platform

Hiwibang Tech through their own cloud platform technology and its data center

in China and the United States, provides customers with safe, efficient, low-cost,

zero-maintenance mobile website platform and services. Customers will benefits

tremendously and immediately from :

Zero IT Resources: No need for a single line of code. Hence no hardware /

software and human capital investments.

Cost-effective: Build your own custom cloud platform in minutes, hours and days, with unparalleled value.

Powerful, modular, and scalable: The perfect combination of cloud technology

and user experience.

Comprehensive coverage: the same cloud platform services mobile terminal,

WeChat, PC, and backend management.

Coastal CRM/Data Management And Fission Spread Of
Viral Marketing For VIP

Wide compatibility: Seamless connection with other mainstream online shopping platforms such as YouZan.

Rapid collectionTo conveniently record full range of customer
contact information.

Efficient analysis: Show the impact of business behavior on customers.

Efficient promotion: Accurate positioning of target customers and

channels of commercial promotion.

Fission marketing: Encourage loyal customers to share the experience

and broad information.

———— PRODUCTS ————

Go forward, integration and innovation,rich experience brings up core value of internet+

LeFly/Business scene interactive solutions

Lefly series wisdom commercial service mobile platform is a mobile Internet

integration business services O2O platform tailored for the comprehensive

shopping mall management, business entities and consumers, which using

the most advanced mobile technology,xBeacon bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi

technology with intellectual property rights and internet behavior

management technology with intellectual property rights. The Lefly platform

includes Lefly Shopping center management system, Lefly Hotel management

system, Lefly Town management system, Lefly restaurant management

system and Lefly chain management system.