Providing High Quality Customized Software R&D Services

We have a professional design team, strong R & D capability and rich project experience. These are the basis for us to

provide quality software customized R&D services.

Solution Design

Senior enterprise information experts have the

ability to design unique solutions for your needs.


The quality, efficiency, and stability of our software development is guaranteed by our strong R&D

team and stable R&D architecture.

Software implementation

The stability and security of software project

implementation is guaranteed by our rich software

execution experience and strict implementation process.

Follow Up

We build a good brand image and word of mouth by

providing customers with fast and good quality follow-up services.

O2O cloud business platform

The O2O business cloud platform is based on

industry characteristics and customer needs, and carried out

two research and development under the existing

mature solutions. The platform not only supports the

traditional mall functions such as PC website, mobile site,

WeChat offices accounts, APP, and mini programs of

WeChat, but also include O2O technology application as WIFI

and Bluetooth, image recognition, customer data

management, fission word of mouth marketing and other

characteristic functional customization applications

Enterprise information management


We have very rich experience of Enterprise information

management system and mature solutions of e-government,

production management, smart logistics, smart city, chain
management, information security, wealth management

and HR management. We also have many successful cases in

Power industry, Logistics, Retail Chain, Manufacturing,

Aviation Detection, Finance, High-end Retail Services,

Agriculture, Telecommunications and other fields.

Application software customization

We have a wealth of experience and accumulated in APP,

WeChat official accounts and mini program, micro sites, and

other enterprises. So we can quickly and efficiently complete

the custom design and development of various kinds of

software Including rapid construction for one-stop cloud

information platform, WeChat function’s research and

development (such as automatic response of customer

service, red envelopes, management and interaction of

activities, cards, and shake), micro-web to mini-program

transformation and so on. We have unique experience in the

design of software interaction and ability to deal with the

needs of complex functions.

Image recognition and search


It includes pictures and video content understanding,

automatic keyword tags, image recognition and intelligent

processing of AI, similar image search and recommendation,

the same or nearly image detection and deletion, theme

color extraction, and illegal indecent image recognition

detection. We can provide API services or customized batch

service for the customers which needs these applications.

Smart City

———— Solutions————

Smart Logistics


Chain Management

Online Education


Online Catering



Aviation Detection