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KBJ is a B2B ecommerce platform in China,connecting coffee shops, coffee products re-sellers, and coffee
products suppliers through fully integrated e-commerce and supply chain systems. Target customers are:
consumers coffee shop & restaurant owners, re-sellers,
manufacturers and suppliers.


Chumuu.com is an O2O menu platform for Internet

catering.It is currently serving the local Chinese

community at the Silicon Valley. It provides online

promotion and sales services for more than 300

restaurants to facilitate guests' online browsing of food and restaurant environment. The project realized the

functions of online browsing and searching for food,

online purchase, comments on each dish, product

preferences, and backstage restaurant management

and so on.

Housing Subsidy

Based on the new distribution thinking of mobile Internet,

the distribution of WeChat and real estate sales will be

organically integrated to produce a fission marketing

effect in real estate sales. In addition, the project adopts

the thinking mode of leading indicators, aiming at

improving the former index "Count of visits" of sales

volume, so as to achieve the purpose of improving sales turnover ability.


Americosale.com is an investment management company with import and export, wholesale, retail outlets, direct

stores, franchised shop and self operated e-commerce

platform that provides high-quality overseas products for Chinese consumers. Now, it has opened stores in Ningbo, Tianjin, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, and the

online shopping platform (www.americosale.com) and

WeChat official account(americosale) has been on line.

It combines national policies to help consumers buy

foreign quality goods at a lower price.

Wenwan Mall

China collector (Wenwan mall) which integrat existing e-commerce platform is an huge e-commerce platform of collection and plaything with multiple terminals such as

internet website, mobile phone app (Android & IOS) and WeChat official service account.It can meet the

functional requirements of real-time synchronization of

commodity information, theme activities, preferential

information, membership management, and user

experience, and can support users' unified management in the background.

GuGuoQiYuan Ecommerce

GuGuoQiYuan is an agricultural and sideline products

platform.It mainly engaged in Landmark fruit, dried fruit,

fresh, snack and the guarantee of three products which

are green food, organic food, pollution-free food. It is a

good selection for you to buy featuring characteristic fruit,

landmark fruit, flavored snacks, imports of high-quality

dried fruit, delicious selection fresh food .

You can follow GuGuoQiYuan WeChat official accounts,

enter the WeChat store to buy. Besides, you can download APP or enter the GuGuoQiYuan official website to choose

the taste you need at any times.

Today's Shopping Health Mall

It can be completed in 1-2 days and no IT input is needed. It supports immediate release of goods and services

page management, e-commerce shopping, payment,

transaction, evaluation and other functions. It supports

multi-terminal interactive processing of PC, mobile and

Wechat . It supports upgrade with the platform free of


Wal-Mart e-commerce system

Wal-Mart's e-commerce customer service system

covering 8 call centers around the world and more than 3,000 customer service specialists who serve the global Wal-Mart e-commerce clients in the form of telephone,

online interaction and e-mail, etc.It achieving

performance targets that the rate of solving the problem for first contact is over 80%,the rate of each contact is

less than 15%, the index of customer satisfaction is over 80%, the time of average call duration is less than 8

minutes .

Zhuhai Mobile WeChat

Customer Service System

This system is used by Zhuhai mobile service department to provide its customers with automatic response and

manage the information of customer service staff in the

Wechat official account.They want to achieve the goal of

improving efficiency, reducing cost and precise

management by this system that is developed by JAVA + Oracle.

Zhuhai Telecom No. 10000 Management and Return Visit System

It helps Zhuhai Telecom service department to to manage the information of performance data, business indicators,
training, attendance etc., and achieve regular visits and
effect monitoring management, so as to achieve the goal
of improving business management level and customer
Transportation Intelligence Platform

Transportation Intelligence Platform (www.xiangml.com)
is an Internet container integrated logistics platform for
freight forwarding, fleet, driver and ship company. The
function of platform includes online dispatching of freight forwarders, smart matching of cargoes,GPS truck
tracking, dynamic transportation price , fleet supplier
management and big data analysis etc.It will be a game changer for container shipping industry.
Intelligent Management System
For Laizhou Port Limited Area

The intelligent management system will effectively integrate the mobile access control system, the intelligent video
tracking system, the access Lidar defense system and the mobile enforcement system to reduce the manpower and
resources in the process of mobile enforcement, which
greatly improve the efficiency of mobile law enforcement
and reduce the probability of crime. It provides convenience for the entire process of border inspection.

Chen Hui Cloud Platform

Chenhui cloud platform is dedicated to the strategic

goals of LOT and "Internet + Energy Management". It provides a smart meter management and charging

platform for large commercial and residential

management agencies and provides residents with

convenient on-line tariff inquiry and payment services. The end users, the power sector and platform

operators are linked together by Cloud platform, which carries out the electronic billing, online recharge,

power monitoring, data analysis, online management, online customer service ,etc.

Joinet Cloud Business

Based on the understanding of mobile internet, the platform provides anti-counterfeiting verification , material & process tracing and mobile internet marketing of the commodities
for merchants. It has the advantage of anti-counterfeiting,
traceability, logistics anti-Cuanhuo, mobile Internet
marketing, cross-border marketing, big data analysis. The
platform is developed by PHP+MYSQL, which provides a
new solution for the activities of interactive information and management.
Flyhigh US-China Education Platform

Flyhighus.cn helps parents and students to discover
opportunities for class and extracurricular activities,
easily apply and execute the travel plan, and experience a full range of learning, entertainment and life in the
United States.Short-term trips of the platform can serve as a pre-experience for future study, and let students to spend a happy and inspirational vacation while
broadening their horizons.

Sichuan Youhukang Medical

Services Health Management Platform

It is perfect combination of cloud technology and user

experience.The project is built on the SAAS platform and

completed within two weeks. It includes functions such as

recruitment, training, membership management and

service, health mall, health management and monitoring,

information sharing and electronic medical record

management. It also supports data exchange to support

wearable devices, real-time Monitoring and Big Data Analysis.

Portland International College
Education Platform

Went alive in a week, yet powerful, flexible.Support

online enrollment, course management, social media

management, e-commerce, payment protection, credit, points, multi-level search, multilingual, notification,

customer service. Support PC, mobile and WeChat. ?

Free upgrade with the platform.

Infromation Management System for
International Trade Promotion Center

The system significantly enhances the real-time and
accuracy of the agricultural trade information inquiry for
the Ministry of Agriculture. It creates a consistent and
reliable information technology platform for users. With
high security ,it ensures that the system and database are not invaded illegally, and the content is not tampered with maliciously. The system also has a hierarchical audit and monitoring mechanism to ensure the authenticity,
effectiveness and integrity of the information.
Support Platform of National Flood Control and Drought Relief Command System

The command system is an important part of the national
disaster prevention and mitigation system and an urgent need to be solved.As the supporting environment for the system,it is the foundation of application architecture. Users can form
various applications based on the business development
needs. The platform is conducive to flood control and drought relief system to adopt a unified technology framework, and
ensure that it is logically integrated into a whole, so that
data,hardware and software resources can be shared.
HaoTong Assets Management System

This project provides professional information
management system for aviation assets management
and inspection, and provides solutions to the complex
and global aircraft asset and inspection data
management. It realizes professional data processing of the annual inspection, purchase inspection and leasing
return inspection of the aircraft and support professional report generation.This project has been successfully
applied in Shanghai HaoTong Aviation, a leading new
professional third-party listed company in this field, and has been well received by the global industry.
China Everbright Bank Account
Management Information System

This project sets up the account trading account for the Everbright Bank. The account data realizes the data
relationship between the accounting and other related
department, which becomes the organic part of the
whole bank system. This project not only provides
functions as valet transaction, approval process control, risk control management and business statistics, but
also realize the docking and synchronization with the
information of other departments.
Bank of China Security Information
Management System

With the advocacy and promotion of refined management
by the Bank of China, work safety management is being
gradually refined and improved. The timeliness, integrity
and confidentiality of this work are becoming more and
more urgent. There is an urgent need for a well-functioning
and smoothly developed safety information management
system which comprehensively control and reduce operational risk, strengthen technical management and innovation to
enhance the professional technical core competence.
Beijing Branch of CCB Accounting
Audit Risk Warning System

The goal of this system is to maximize the functions of
auditing within a controllable period, to prevent and
control the operation of accounting positions and moral
hazard more effectively, and to give early warning to the
business of accounting at high risk for business counters,so that auditors can find out accounting problems and risk hidden dangers that exist in the accounting business of
the operating agencies as early as possible.
Image Search for 588Ku.com

The platform can find the images according to your
image, delete duplicate images, and recommend the
similar images. To ensure the quality of the photo library, 588.com must strictly eliminate duplication uploads in
the tens of thousands of uploads every day automaticly.
It became very eazy by using the "I know picture"
duplicate picture detection API interface.In addition,
using this interface, 588.com can also use labels to
categorize and recommend similar pictures, thereby
increasing the page click rate and raising the revenue of the platform.
Photo Purchasing Platform of
Beijing Artist

Using the "I know picture" image recognition and search
API interface, the user can buy calligraphy and paintings
in the App or Wechat official account by the photo they
take anywhere whether it is in the calligraphy and
painting exhibition or see a painting works in the internet
or reality.It greatly facilitates the purchase of users, and
significantly increased the amount of platform transactions.
DrawTogether Digital Art Painting
Social Networking Platform

DrawTogether is a digital art painting social platform
which focused on promoting digital painting art in China.DrawTogether makes it easy for users to find artwork
with similar color, texture and drawing geometric layouts by using the "I Know Image" recognition and similar
image search API interface. It is a magical artifact for
buyers to search works according to pictures,also is a
good tool that can help them to develop creative thought.